Hello you lucky little scamp, welcome to For Starters…, a somewhat poorly focused blog mostly about videogames. Our mission statement, if you want me to put this in language that makes me sound like a twat, is to write about stuff that interests us in a way that will hopefully interest you.

I’m Haydn and I was left in charge of writing the About section so here I am. I like my jackets to have an interior breast pocket and I think my flatmate uses a little too much oil when he cooks. I didn’t play my first Nintendo game until I was 19 and I really enjoyed Vanquish. 

Chris is a tall man with thick hair who has recently adopted plaid shirts as part of his wardrobe. One day he moved to Sheffield and when he came back two years later, he was wearing a plaid shirt. He once tried to convince me that Battlefield 3 multiplayer was pretty good. I don’t know what he thinks about Vanquish. 

Aled is more cat than human and can often be found perching on top of posts, pillars, and kitchen counters. Considered the most agile of the group, Aled is required to scout ahead for bandits when we all go to Morrisons together. He’s has too many Amiibos. I don’t know what he thinks about Vanquish either.


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